About SmartCommerce

SmartCommerce is an AI driven automation marketing platform that generates sales leads.
The technology data mine the internet for targeted sales leads and automates digital marketing.
The SmartCommerce platform has three products to help small businesses generate more sales.
SmartCommerce is a cloud based software, easily accessible via the internet. Contact us for a demo.

Download SmartCommerce brochure here.

data mine internet for sales leads
  • Scan QR code for sales leads registration
  • Scan QR code for feedback form
  • Scan QR code for promotion or reward voucher
  • Customizable QR code and web form
  • SmartCommerce CRM and E-commerce integration
one click, one sale
  • Point and click to create a business website
  • Built in search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Payment and delivery automation
  • Support multi language and currency
  • SmartCommerce CRM and QR code or web form integration
  • SmartCommerce's product is very comprehensive and helpful when generating sales leads which save a lot time and effort in finding potential customers. Customer Contact is a good way for us to keep track of the different. The layout is user-friendly and intuitive. There is even a reminder for us to take note of the different projects' due dates.

    Cheryl Zhuo
    Petite Petale

  • SmartCommerce CRM and Membership Rewards products drives more sales.
    Definitely I select SmartCommerce CRM over HubSpot or Quick Desk or Sales Force.

    Max, Director

  • All in one e-commerce, appointment booking and CRM.
  • I choose SmartCommerce over Shopify and Wordpress.

    Jenny, CEO
    Revive Refresh

  • Powerfully simple. I created my e-shop and membership rewards with CRM in minutes.
  • SmartCommerce makes go digital simple.

    My First Shoot

  • SmartCommerce location marketing re-defines internet marketing.
  • SME have limited IT resource. SmartCommerce helps SME embark on e-commerce, CRM and membership rewards.

    Eddie Chau
    Venture Capitalist
    TNF Ventures

  • Powerful CRM that extract customer contacts from the internet. Comes with automated digital marketing. Excellent customer service.

    Kelvin Chia
    Graphic Multimedia

  • SmartCommerce cloud based CRM is super useful and easy for SME business owners.

    Long Fei
    Softgrid Inc

  • Super Effective. I will choose SmartCommerce over Saleforce and SAP.
  • Software is easy to use and allow me to contact my customers. Training is easy to understand.

    Rong Qing Siow
    Aladdin Street Pte. Ltd.

  • Training was effective, well organized and explained. Software is very easy to use.

    Senthil Kumar
    Abiraame Jewellers

  • Practical and easy to use CRM to better customer service and customer loyalty.
  • Very good digital marketing and CRM product.
  • Super CRM Software. Now all customer and sales information is one click away.

    Pisti Print

  • Good CRM software, all in one.