About Us

SmartCommerce is an AI driven digital marketing platform. We want to help SME win more sales.
The technology uses multiple e-channels to generate incremental sales leads, customer insights and
customer feedback to automate meaningful marketing campaigns.
The SmartCommerce platform offers Lead Gen CRM, QR Code Marketing and Multi Channel E-commerce.
This cloud based software is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Contact us for a demo.


A better experience for your customers, you will be setup in minutes.
Feel free to try for 7 days. No hidden cost, no credit card required.

data mine internet for sales leads
  • AI data mine internet for business sales leads
  • Centralize customer contacts, sales leads and sales activities
  • Synchronize sales quotation, invoice and receipt with CRM
  • Automate email marketing
  • Website, Webform and QR code integration
  • Configurable webform for sales enquiry or feedback
  • Launch configured webform from QR code or SMS
  • Webform comes with rewards to attract customers
  • Lead Pro is good for events, websites or campaigns
  • Website and CRM integration
easy e-commerce with integrated delivery
  • Point and click easy to create e-shop or website
  • Real time heat map to track customer location
  • Marketing voucher and promotion code features
  • Integrate with 3rd party delivery vendor
  • CRM, QR code and webform integration
  • Software generates sales leads which save a lot time and effort in finding potential customers. Customer Contact is a good way for us to keep track of the different. The layout is user-friendly and intuitive.

    Cheryl Zhuo
    Petite Petale

  • This software product helps me drives more sales.

    Max, Director

  • All in one e-commerce, appointment booking and CRM.
  • Simple compared to Shopify and Wordpress.

    Jenny, CEO
    Revive Refresh

  • Powerfully simple. I created my e-shop and membership rewards with CRM in minutes.
  • This software makes go digital simple.

    My First Shoot

  • The software location marketing a plus in geo marketing.
  • SME have limited IT resource. This software helps SME embark on e-commerce, CRM and membership rewards.

    Eddie Chau
    Venture Capitalist
    TNF Ventures

  • Powerful CRM that data mine sales leads from the internet. Comes with automated digital marketing. Excellent customer service.

    Kelvin Chia
    Graphic Multimedia

  • Super cloud based CRM practical and easy for SME business owners.

    Long Fei
    Softgrid Inc

  • Super effective product to drive sales and manage customer database.
  • Software is easy to use and allow me to contact my customers. Training is easy to understand.

    Rong Qing Siow
    Aladdin Street Pte. Ltd.

  • Training was effective, well organized and explained. Software is very easy to use.

    Senthil Kumar
    Abiraame Jewellers

  • Practical and easy to use CRM to better customer service and customer loyalty.
  • Very good digital marketing and CRM product.
  • Super CRM Software. Now all customer and sales information is one click away.

    Pisti Print

  • Good CRM software, all in one.